‘Is It Me… ?’
(Resonance Records, 2017)


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“Gibbons has got such a gorgeous sound, range and swinging sense of time that she could probably set the house on fire with nothing more than a book of nursery rhymes.” 
★★★★ BBC Music Magazine (website)

“Polly Gibbons is unmistakably a class act, getting classier fast.”
★★★★ The Guardian (full review)

“A sumptuous showcase… A triumph.”
Hi-Fi News & Record Review (Album Choice) (website)

“She’s a bold driver into swinging tunes, a raw slammer into the r&b groove, a soul belter and an enticing balladic chanteuse.”
Zeal NYC (full review)

“The music swings and her style rejuvenates classics along with several originals… This woman can sing!”
O’s Place Jazz Newsletter (website)

“Gibbons is a jazz talent whose voice is also steeped in vintage R&B with shades of Aretha Franklin… A programme that sensitively mixes standards and originals.”
The Sunday Times (website)

“As a singer and songwriter myself, I have every admiration for this lady and where she is going – undoubtedly towards deserved, enduring fame.”
London Jazz News (full review)

“Gibbons is a big-voiced, soulful belter of the old school, who can also deliver an intimate and hushed performance with conviction.”
Jazz Views (full review)

“With her wide-ranging repertoire and interpretive skill, this exciting jazz singer could stand a chance of breaking free of the genre ghetto if she puts her mind to it. I hear echoes of Ella, Lena, Aretha, even Janis. But Gibbons is a full-blown phenomenon of her own, and together with these ace swingers and soloists she’s given us something special.”
Blog Critics (full review)

“It’s her emotional sincerity and the way she makes her material resonate in an entirely personal way which makes her such a persuasive performer.”
Jazzwise Magazine (live review)

“A voice that is to jazz as Adele’s is to pop: rich, powerful, soul-baring.”
★★★★ London Evening Standard (full review)

“Possessed of a powerfully soulful voice, she is undoubtedly maturing into one of Britain’s finest singing talents and this album, replete with stellar arrangements, is another testament to that fact.”
All About Jazz  (full review)

“‘You Can’t Just’, ‘Midnight Prayer’ & ‘Is It Me…?’ are originals, co-written by Polly and James Pearson, that could become classic songs in their own right.”
Bebop Spoken Here (full review)

“Somehow, she has absorbed everything from gospel and the blues, through Depression/World War II era swing and Broadway/movie songs, right through to second-half-of-the-20th century pop, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and soul.” –
The Bistro Awards (full review)

“It’s clear that each note she sings takes her closer to world domination… Hot Stuff!”
Midwest Record (full review) 

Polly Gibbons in look and powerhouse vocal range is seriously the jazz equivalent to Adele, only more versatile and swinging.”
Music Connection (website)

“This is one musical experience that turns out to be bold, brassy and brilliant.”
All About Jazz (full review)

“A fun and well-produced recording that should satisfy even the fussiest of listeners.”
All About Jazz (full review)

“Asking a question with a firm and resounding “yes,” it is her, Polly Gibbons, a British jazz and Blues singer with a vocal gift on superb display here.”
All About Jazz (full review)

“Gibbons shows her singing, composing and interpreting skills on this strong album of standards and originals.”
Jazz Weekly (full review)

“She sounds like she knows how to work a room!”
Jazz Weekly (full review)


Many Faces Of Love
(Resonance Records, 2015)


Blues & Soul Magazine

Jazz Times

London Jazz News

The Examiner

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“There’s a rare sense of joy in her voice, not to mention a depth of blues feeling” – London Evening Standard (Pizza Express Jazz Club Review)

“Polly Gibbons’ melismatic, gospel-fired tribute to Ray Charles was remarkable” – London Evening Standard (Ronnie Scott’s Review)

“They don’t come along very often, but this one’s a star!” – Johnny Mandel, Composer

“She swings hard and true.” – The Sunday Times

“I love her voice, really soulful. Can’t wait to hear more of Polly…” – Joss Stone

“Smokin’” – Mike Stern

“She’s got a great voice!” – Van Morrison

“A soulful young jazz vocalist destined to be a star!” – Time Out London

“A truly exceptional, once in a generation talent, possessing a voice of such sizzling intensity and raw emotion you could fry an egg on it.” Peter Quinn, Jazzwise

“This talent is one in a million… miss her gigs at your peril!!” – Ian Shaw, Singer, Producer & BBC Broadcaster

“A soulful voice that will capture your heart… a real singer at last.” – Claire Martin, Jazz Singer & BBC Broadcaster

“A talent that ought to help build a career that lasts longer than any fad related thing” – Chris Wells, Editor, Echoes