Many Faces of Love

Many Faces of Love

Label: Resonance Records

Year: 2015

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CD/DVD Combo

CD: Contains 12 vocal tracks
DVD: Contains behind the scenes footage and excerpts from her debut show at the Resonance Records Studios in Beverly Hills, CA in February 2014
The concept of Many Faces of Love is to present songs that take you through five phases of love: Looking for Love, Finding Love, Losing Love, Looking to Re-Connect

Looking For Love
1. Please Send Me Someone to Love (P. Mayfield) (4:41)
2. Love Me Like a Song (K. Kosins) (6:12)
Finding Love
3. So Good (A. Jarreau) (7:10)
4. Make It Last (B. Haymes) (5:39)
5. That’s Enough for Me (Grusin, Austin) (6:15)
Losing Love
6. Not Like This (J. Lubbock) (4:47)
7. City Lights (M. Rebennack) (6:10)
Looking to Re-Connect
8. After Hours (Parrish, Bruce, Feyne) (6:04)
9. Since I Fell for You (B. Johnson) (5:13)
10. Company (Rickie Lee Jones) (4:51)
The Lessons of Love
11. I Have the Feeling I’ve Been Here Before (Kellaway, Bergman) (4:07)
12. Love Comes and Goes (C. Coates) (4:49)

Polly Gibbons Bonus DVD
1. Meet Polly (behind the scenes) (8:35)
2. Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner, Lowe) (5:37)
3. Muddy Water (blues) (E. Miller) (8:58)
4. After Hours (Parrish, Bruce, Feyne) (6:37)
5. Make It Last (B. Haymes) (6:22)
6. So Good (A. Jarreau) (7:40)
7. Company (Rickie Lee Jones) (5:20)
8. City Lights (M. Rebennack) (6:45)
9. Miss Celie’s Blues (Jones, Temperton) (5:00)

Personnel: CD and DVD
Tamir Hendelman, piano
Roger Kellaway, piano (DVD) on “Miss Celie’s Blues” & Muddy Water (blues)”
James Pearson, piano (DVD) on “Almost Like Being in Love”
Christian Howes, violin and all string parts
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Kevin Axt, bass
Ray Brinker, drums

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